Reality in Design:

The Future of Visualization

Specializes in creating advanced, realistic, and walkable visualization experiences.

We deliver immersive VR and AR experiences, photorealistic renderings, captivating lifestyle animations, and virtual galleries to architectural designers, developers, and real estate marketing teams.

Welcome to the world of “Reality in Design” with HUUR STUDIOS, where we bring your visions to life with unparalleled precision

HUUR STUDIOS is an innovative architecture visualization company based in Vancouver. We specialize in creating visually stunning and realistic content for clients globally, across real-world, metaverse, and e-commerce projects. 

Our team of experts seamlessly combines creativity and technology to bring your concepts to life with precision.

From photorealistic CGIs to captivating animations and immersive virtual reality experiences, we take immense pride in delivering exceptional results.

With a strong emphasis on prompt project delivery and competitive pricing, discover the difference that sets us apart in the industry with HUUR STUDIOS.

Our Design and Technology Developing Services Benefits:

Faster absorption Rate
%40+ Fewer Days On the Market
Boost Branding
%80+Increase Buyers Satisfaction
Target market optimization
%45+Generate more qualified leads


We are in six countries and everywhere in between.
Vancouver, Canada

Head Office
+1 (604) 968 4887
Seattle, US

Mosen Edalati
Project Lead
[email protected]
Zagreb, Croatia

Gabriel Deak
Project Lead
[email protected]

Treviso, Italy

Chiara Bergamin
Project Lead
[email protected]

London, UK

Nima Farshkar
Project Lead
[email protected]

Istanbul, Turkey

Ali Naghdi
Project Lead
[email protected]

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