Virtual Tour

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Huurstudios' Virtual Tour (VT)

An Immersive Online Web Experience:

Huurstudios’ in-house developed virtual tour platform offers an interactive and immersive way for potential buyers or renters to experience a property from the comfort of their own homes, remotely. Our platform provides unlimited points of movement throughout space, showcasing the unique features and design of the property. This technology is designed to provide an enhanced viewing and customizing experience, allowing interested parties to explore the property in the best possible light.


Interactive Explorer: Our virtual tour platform offers an interactive floor plan, providing users with a comprehensive and engaging feature that includes:
  • Mini-map: A mini-map added to the virtual tour allows the viewer to see their exact position in the space. This feature enhances the viewing experience by providing a greater sense of spatial awareness.
  • Hotspots: Hotspots areas located throughout the virtual tour that provide access to feature descriptions and technical information. They also provide an easy way to purchase products featured in the space via an e-commerce online store.
  • Multimedia: With the ability to add multimedia to the virtual tour, users can watch videos, view images, or read text about the property. This feature adds an element of realism to the virtual tour and further engages the viewer.
  • Customization: The platform also allows users to customize materials in the space. This feature gives potential buyers or renters the ability to see what the space would look like with different materials and helps them visualize how they can make the space their own.
  • Scenes: Users can select different scenes or locations within the virtual tour, allowing for a more comprehensive exploration of the space.