The architecture of the Feranima Virtual Gallery, located in the lively city of London, is a brilliant blend of styles and showcases a meticulously thought-out design. Going beyond traditional e-commerce, this project, with future expansion in mind, features five rooms aimed at making its collections more accessible to a new generation of online shoppers.

The architectural landscape extends to the surrounding areas, featuring meticulously designed spaces both in the rooftop garden and the space around the building. Lotus ponds, cascading waterfalls, and several tranquil ponds add to the sensory experience, making this project a truly exceptional example of design and innovation.

One notable interior feature is the discreet entrance leading to a lobby galleria room designed for large-scale displays. A double-height dome with triangular windows allows natural light to create intriguing patterns, casting an artistic atmosphere. The design process harmonizes past and present, celebrating the original space while enhancing it with a modern central dome. Large windows flood galleries with light, creating an inviting atmosphere, while intentionally dark areas add intrigue.

At HUUR Studios, the visualization of this architecture is achieved through cutting-edge technologies, such as virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR). This digital space is designed to be immersive, allowing visitors to interact with the exhibits in ways previously unimaginable.

The Feranima Virtual Gallery is enriched with photorealistic real-time animations, which seamlessly blend art and technology. These animations transport visitors to a world where art comes to life with stunning realism as they navigate the gallery. This innovative approach not only elevates art appreciation but also provides an engaging way to interact with the digital gallery space. The Feranima project stands out as a cutting-edge and immersive destination for both art enthusiasts and online visitors.

Creating over 200 intricately detailed 3D chandelier models, with delicate materials and complex forms, was a meticulous process for the Feranima project. These digital masterpieces were seamlessly integrated into the Virtual Gallery and website, offering visitors an immersive and realistic experience, bridging the worlds of craftsmanship and technology.